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Your Money, Your Recovery

Jun 22, 2021

Have you ever wondered how traumatic events in your life have affected your relationship with money? 

In recovery, we are often faced with traumatic events in our lives that have led us to where we are now. These events lead us to try to be comfortable in our pain. Often we find ourselves in a cycle of patterns and...

Jun 8, 2021

Have you ever thought about having boundaries with your money? 

In recovery, boundaries are so important to protect yourself in so many ways. 

What would boundaries with money mean to you?

This week Linda walks you through what boundaries are, how to apply them to your Financial Recovery℠ , and start achieving...

May 25, 2021

Do you understand your fico/credit score? Do you understand what helps your credit score and what doesn't?

Linda breaks down how things report to your credit bureau, what to do if you have a low credit rating to increase it, and ways to keep your credit score happy and healthy.

Our credit score rules a lot of our lives...

May 11, 2021

Do you feel like there are habits you want to start with money but have no idea where to start? 

In this episode, Linda walks you through some great habits to start with money and how to start them. Start small, but just start is the motto of this episode! 

In 18-28 days you can build a habit and in 66 days you can...

Apr 27, 2021

Do you find that you experience a hardship in life with money and you decide that the journey is too hard?

Do you beat yourself up a lot about your money? 

The journey to create a healthy relationship with money takes time. It can be really hard to accept this. It can be really hard to start to move forward when you are...