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Financial Sobriety School with Linda Parmar

Apr 25, 2023

When we start our sobriety or recovery with our drug/substance of choice we can often think we are going to all of a sudden have more money since we are no longer taking part in our addiction. 

In today's episode Linda breaks down ways that getting sober can result in having more money but more often than not it can...

Apr 18, 2023

Living your Financial Sobriety is starting to dig under the surface and understand why you are taking part in the behaviours of addictive, compulsive, unconscious overspending. 

There are so many parallels when it comes to the behaviours that we take part in when we are active in many addictions, including drinking. 


Apr 11, 2023

Our feelings are a gateway to understanding our behaviours with money. 

Have you ever checked in with your feelings when impulses to spend money come up?

When we are stuck in the addictive cycle of overspending we are often trying to escape from reality and fill a void. We are reaching outside ourselves to feel...

Apr 4, 2023

One of the main foundations of Financial Sobriety School is Sober Spending. 

Sober Spending is planning your spending and making clear, conscious, mindful, aligned decisions with your spending. 

We live in a capitalist and consumer based society and we are encouraged to buy everything we see. We are inundated...