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Financial Sobriety School with Linda Parmar

May 16, 2023

So many of us want so bad to start working on our Financial Sobriety. 

We have the intention to start but we have no idea where to start and then we keep coming up against a big wall. 

What is that big wall that is holding you back from working on your Financial Sobriety? 

It is very common to feel paralyzed/frozen when it comes to our money. Our society is very focused on negative stigma's with money. What if we thought about how to turn that around. 

What if we rebelled out against our consumerist, capitalist society and decided that negative stigma is no longer how we want to think about money? 

What is one small step you can take to start your Financial Sobriety?

In this lesson Linda will walk you through many idea's and intentions to get you started on moving forward in your Financial Sobriety.